What’s this project about?

I have this picture hanging in my living room. It was made by Alfred Crowquill in 1825. It is entitled ‘Beauties of Brighton’, The scene depicts a satirical portrait with some of Brighton’s most celebrated residents and visitors caricatured and posing before the Royal Pavilion. They include Mrs. Coutts, the Colonel D’Este, Alfred Forrester himself (the artist) with his two brothers, Liston the comedian, Mr. Lucombe of the Library, Mr. and Mrs. Rothschild, Prince Talleyrand, and the Duke of York.

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One of the major driving forces behind my wanting to produce a photo-book of People of Brighton is primarily to for fulfilling my own desire to express myself! I also have an in bedded interest in how the other half lives, people and class systems.

Beauties of Brighton is an exploration of Brighton’s demography. It will essentially consist of street portraits of people of Brighton. I hope to present these portraits as a photo book. This project will bring together my love for street photography, portraiture and politics as the selection of portraits will be a telling story of what is happening politically in the world around us and how this is impacting the changing faces of Brighton. I want to be able to use my last year at Brighton City College to form the basis of a project that I can peruse once I’ve finished my studies within this institution.

Inspirations and influences

Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton – http://www.humansofnewyork.com/about\

Humans of New York began as a photography project in 2010.  Brandon Stanton’s initial goal was to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers on the street and create an exhaustive catalog of the city’s inhabitants.[1] He would take their portrait and ask them something about their lives.


[1] ‘Humans of New York’ <http://www.humansofnewyork.com/about&gt; [accessed 10 November 2016].

Shoichi Aoki – Fruits

Photographer of street fashion in Japan. Shoichi Aoki is the editor and sole photographer of the prime popular fashion magazines Street, Fruits, and Tune. Fruits magazine originated in 1997 and to this day records and celebrates the vibrancy of Japanese street fashion. It all began when his eye was caught by two girls on a street corner outside his office, doing nothing in particular, in tartan duffle coats. His impulse was to take their picture: the result became Fruits[1].


[1] ‘Fresh Fruits | Fashion / Culture | Phaidon Store’ <http://uk.phaidon.com/store/fashion-culture/shoichi-aoki-fresh-fruits-9780714845104/&gt; [accessed 10 November 2016].


I plan to shoot these portraits digitally using my canon 5d mark 3. I will be researching into which is the best lens to use as well as how I am going to present these portraits. I want to be able to create a photo book and so this will involve researching publishers and how to go about making a prototype photo book on a budget using different software’s and bookmaking techniques. I plan to self-publish this book through blurb.


Greg Hadfield of the Independent paints an interesting picture of Brighton in 2014.

Hadfield observes how Brighton is an increasing population that is squeezed in every spare hectare and is made up of a multi diverse population with one in five citizens being from black or minority ethnic groups. Hadfield makes a point on the levels of satisfaction in Brighton saying that there are substantial prosperity and high levels of satisfaction with everyday life but equally pockets of significant deprivation with nearly one in five children living in poverty.[1]

Taken from The Brighton and Hove Summary of statistics 2014

  • The highest number of people in same-sex civil partnerships. This is five times higher than the proportion found in both the southeast and England as a whole; For one in 12 residents aged over three (21,833, or 8.3%),
  • English is not their main or preferred language; Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the city after English, with 0.8% of residents (2,226 people) using it as their main or preferred language.
  • Brighton and Hove has a lower proportion of older people – aged 65 years or over than either the regional or national average. It is only at 90 years or above that we align with these averages. The number of older people has declined over the last 12 or so years from 40,450 people in the 2001 census to 35,692 people at the 2011 census, a decrease of 12%; of the 121,540 households, 12% (14,468 households) are occupied by people aged 65 years or more who live alone.
  • Child Poverty Index (2011), 19.6% of our city’s dependent children were living in poverty; while this is in line with the national average of 20.1%, it is significantly in excess of the regional average of 14.6%; A relatively high proportion of our pupils have special educational needs. Last year, 20% of pupils (7,213) had special needs without statements, compared with 16% in England and 16.3% in the southeast[2].Read more at http://brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk/snapshot-city-new-data-reveals-truth-brighton-hove/

I quite often hear people say when talking about Brighton that it is the people that make this city unique. Before I moved to Brighton I had been told that Brighton was the gay capital of the UK, but actually having lived here for 10 years, Brighton to me is made up of people from all walks of life and cultures. This project will act as a platform for the people of Brighton to express their own opinions.


– I will start taking these street portraits in January 2017 and it will be ongoing.

– To create a blog and a Facebook page dedicated to People Of Brighton.

– To get local interest through local magazine and news publications.

– To make a prototype photo book using Blurb.

– Investigate bookmakers and publishers, Zines, Online Publications.

– To make contact with local homeless charities.


National Census, History of Brighton, Street Photography, Portraiture, Street Portraiture, UK Class systems, UK Immigration 2016, Brighton and Hove Council, Blurb photo book, Photobooks and Publishers, Brighton’s politics, Voting. Brighton Magazine shop, Brighton Source Magazine. Social Documentary Photography.


Photo fringe Publishers – 26th October 2016 – Phoenix Gallery and Brighton University

[1] ‘A Snapshot of Our City: New Data Reveals the Truth about Brighton and Hove – Brighton & Hove Independent.’ <http://brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk/snapshot-city-new-data-reveals-truth-brighton-hove/&gt; [accessed 13 November 2016].

[2] ‘A Snapshot of Our City: New Data Reveals the Truth about Brighton and Hove – Brighton & Hove Independent.’

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