Artist Statement

Artist Statement


My name is Stee Louw and I am currently studying for a BA(Hon) degree in Visual Arts at Brighton City College after having previously studied for a degree in photography.

I am originally from Zimbabwe where after my schooling’s I studied art in design at the Zimbabwean Institute of Vital Arts ( Z.I.V.A).

Much of the works I have created to date tend to address social and humanitarian issues, whether the images have been staged or not I like to use photography creatively to help add impetus to a particular narrative. What drives me to do what I do tends to be a need to fulfill an inherent interest that in have in people.

I believe a portrait can be an opinion, as it can be used to make suggestions of the social fabric of the society at the time. Additionally,  a portrait can be used as a useful way of recording and a way to preserve history.


Previous projects


Concrete Jungle, 2015 – A photography project using Brighton’s landscape as a metaphor for immigration.


screen shot of Congrete Jungle – 2015, Stee Louw

Home Sweet Home, 2014 – A Photographic project using medium format film that addresses the lack of affordable houses in the UK.


Home Sweet Home, 2014, Stee Louw

Unknown Portraiture – Tea Rooms, 2015


Return To Sender – 2015, A photo documentary piece on African Homosexuality.


Return To Sender, Stee Low, 2015


NETFLIX AND CHILL – 360 Degree panorama

A look into the Chem-Sex world using panoramic photography.